We specialize in business risk insurance. For safe business.

What can we handle?

Business liability insurance

For a stress-free business - business, operations and management insurance tailored to your business.

Insurance normally covers property and financial damages and also protects against possible consequences of external influences, e.g. flood, fire, robbery, etc.

Liability insurance for employees or statutory bodies

Seeking to minimize the risks associated with employment or the performance of duties. It therefore primarily serves employees and statutory bodies.

Property insurance

Insure your property and be prepared for possible damage to your property.

Car insurance

We arrange compulsory and accident insurance – for accident-free journeys.

We can also arrange life insurance, travel insurance or legal protection insurance. If you are interested in insuring other insurance risks, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Business loans

Do not hesitate to contact us for financing your business projects.

Financing options:

  • Operating costs
  • Current assets
  • Purchase of movable and immovable property
  • Investment intentions


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