Case studies

We provide comprehensive legal, accounting, tax, audit and insurance services, including financing. Our team of professionals and highly experienced experts will provide you with individual solutions for your business. Take a look at our client case studies and see for yourself.

The best money spent in the beginning of a business ‣

Mr. Dolezal worked as a freelance graphic designer. As soon as his orders started to increase, he realized that it was already big money and decided to contact us before he signed his first big order. We helped him with the content of the contract so that it didn't contain unreasonable risks or risks that he wasn't aware of. He also consulted with us on the most appropriate form for his business from a tax and legal perspective, and after discussing all the options, he found it most advantageous to form an LLC.

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How Mr. Novak didn't/lose his property ‣

Mr. Novák is a craftsman who used to work as a self-employed man. Thanks to a big job he got and got great references, he started to take a lot of other jobs at once. Soon he had to employ a whole team of people, working day and night, his profits grew, but so did his responsibilities and duties, which he did not have before. He was not able to cope with these, he was used to dedicating himself to doing his job well. He began to feel the accounting, tax and legal burdens that he was no longer up to, but he didn't have time to deal with any more. He told himself that if he did a good job, the customers would be happy and everything would be fine.

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