The best money spent in the beginning of a business ‣

Mr. Dolezal worked as a freelance graphic designer. As soon as his orders started to increase, he realized that it was already big money and decided to contact us before he signed his first big order. We helped him with the content of the contract so that it didn't contain unreasonable risks or risks that he wasn't aware of. He also consulted with us on the most appropriate form for his business from a tax and legal perspective, and after discussing all the options, he found it most advantageous to form an LLC.

🟢While setting up the company we also set up:

  • Legal relations with customers; we prepared terms and conditions and internal procedures for the proper fulfilment of all legal obligations.
  • Legal relations with sample contractors and discussed important topics to keep in mind when entering into contractual relations.
  • The process of handling personal data, which is important in this industry, for example, for contacting clients using commercial and advertising messages.
  • Proper bookkeeping from the outset and consultation on tax aspects as required.

Thanks to the pre-established rules, there are no major problems, and if Mr. Dolezal needs advice on a situation, he has someone to turn to in a timely manner.

He doesn't have to deal with accounting, tax and legal burdens and is not stressed about underestimating anything. And if he's not sure, he can consult with us at any time. That way, we can prevent complications and risks that could put his business at risk early on and he is safe.


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